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Artist Statement

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I see art as an offering. We are all meant to be on this earth for a reason, and for me, it is to create art.  Creating, seeing and being around art gives life meaning; a context and framework for all of the pain, happiness, love, confusion and mystery it means to be human. My intention and hope is that I can share with others this somewhat confusing and mostly wondrous experience.


My love of performance, sculpture, storytelling and public discourse informs the way I express myself as an artist. My current work explores the concepts of identity, power, greed, “otherness” and “self”. We are at a time in history where geographical and cultural boundaries are constantly shifting and forcing us to reassess our definitions of country, culture, religion, co-existence and home.


It’s sometimes scary being an artist.  Not everyone tells you that. There is a lot of rejection, ego, not a lot of money, unless you are Jeff Koons. Though we all know that deep down feeling we get when we experience: a beautiful dance piece, a tender poem, a fragile puppet, a sad performance clown. It connects us in ways that are rarely obtained through other means.  Imagine how much happier the world would be with more art and less consumerism, religious fundamentalism, totalitarianism and patriarchy.


Let’s imagine.

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